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1 .Are Rig Tech courses tough?
All our courses are of short time durations. Classes are to be attended without absenteeism. It has study materials that include printed notes and audio visual presentations during class hours that need to be seen and understood properly. Doubts arising during class hours are to be cleared with respective tutors. The knowledge level of our trainees are periodically ascertained through internal exams conducted prior to certification examination at the end of the course. The knowledge acquired through practical training sessions are to be co-related with theoretical knowledge to help attend future recruitment interviews with success, This requires sincere application of mind and soul into the course. A trainee qualifies to attend the training session, only if he has a minimum of 90% attendance. A successful career in oil & gas industry cannot be achieved without dedication and hard work. We are particular that our trainees become better performers than the rest, for the good of their career, credibility of our course and the fame of our institution. THERE IS NO SHORT CUT TO SUCCESS AT RIG TECH.

2. Are there any campus recruitments or placement assurances for courses at Rig Tech?
We provide placement assistance for our successful trainees on the basis of vacancies intimated to us by companies with which we have developed corporate relationships. No definite time frame can be guaranteed for getting extended such assistance as, creation/generation of vacancies is not in our purview. The placement assistance is limited to giving our trainees with information on existing vacancies in companies. The names of the willing candidates are send across to the recruiting companies and they in turn, conducts a personal interview. The successful selection depends on the confidence and clarity with which such interviews are attended by our trainees. We do not influence or coax with the recruiting team of such companies, in favour of any candidate in any way. MERIT STANDS AS THE FINAL CRITERIA FOR SELECTION. SO, UNDERTAKE THE COURSE WITH DEDICATION.

3. What is the scope of good career in the field of Oil & Gas Rig based jobs?
Trainees, especially from the EOT cours it should be Trainees, especially from the CEP course, stand to have a career in a high paying employment, depending on their initiative and hard work, required to lay a sound foundation to a promising career. Consideration of starting salary criteria, should not come in these initial years of inception into this industry. However, a person starting off as a Roustabout can advance his career to the post of a Driller, in a period of 3 to 5 years time, depending on his hard work and dedication to his job and the organization. The salary a person stands to earn in a different company, depends on his present position, the company to which he moves in and the country of his employment. Salaries and working conditions differ from company to company in Middle East, Far East and Europe, were they are much higher than in India. A SUCCESSFUL CAREER DEPENDS ON, DOING THE JOB YOU LOVE, DEDICATING YOUR FULL FOR IT, NEVER FAILING TO SEIZE OPPERTUNITIES & ALWAYS TO WORK AS A TEAMS MAN.

4. Do you give placement opportunities in foreign countries, after your course?
Please be understood that good opportunities in foreign countries are subject to prior experiences in the field of oil & gas industry. Entry level opportunities exist in India, much more than in other countries. Experiences earned during the initial years of a career in Oil & Gas industry, can qualify a person to get high paying jobs in foreign countries, depending on the country, the company and position of employment.AT RIG TECH, WE PLACE OUR TRAINEES AT THE STARTING POINT OF THIS FINANCIALLY HIGH FLYING FUTURE.

5. Do you provide, hostel facility for out station trainees?
All our oil & gas courses trainees are accommodated in good and hygienic shared bachelor accommodations in close proximity to our training centre at Sathyamangalam. Expenses towards food and accommodation is included in the fee.

6. Are there any arrangements for financial assistance for your courses?
We do not arrange any financial assistance for our courses. However, we do provide easy instalment schemes for payment of the various course fees, in order to ease the financial burden of our trainees. Contact the office of Rig Tech, Cochin, for getting details regarding the payment of course fee.

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